Name the street competition

Competition time: Can you work out the name of the street on the Shankill my grandfather grew up in? Here are the clues:
The name has a value.
The set of these streets is now broken up.
Historically one of these streets was missing.
The name is the total of the set of muscles which control eye movements.
Winner will be selected at random from correct answers and can receive a Free Eye Examination or £15 Voucher (if you are already exempt) to spend in shop!
Enjoy the challenge and share with your friends !✒️🖼
Have fun, Tim

And the winner is…………………………
Roy Fleming!👏 Well done!

A big thank you to everyone who took part in the competition. The correct answer is Sixth Street! I hope you all had fun thinking about the puzzle and reflecting on the Shankill of yesteryear!

Keep watching for the next competition and make sure those eyes are in tip-top condition. 🤓 All welcome.
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