My Dad was born in which street?

Ok folks, here’s one for the historians, linguists, geographers and quiz masters. My Dad was born and grew up in this Shankill Road street.
A city in Iowa, USA bears this name. There is a canyon on the Colorado that shares the name. There are places in Florida, California, Alabama, Georgia, Wisconsin and in Australia that also have the name. The name still graces a street and a building on the Shankill Road.
The origin of the name has its roots in the Scots-Gaelic and means Forest in the Vale.
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The answer is Glenwood!
Did you know that so many places around the world shared the name with our wee street (where I spent many happy days of my childhood).
Due to the response and local support of so many people, which is greatly appreciated, we are giving two prizes!
So stand up Kathleen Butler and Julie Picking who have won vouchers for sunglasses!👏👌
Congratulations to our two winners and look forward to welcoming everyone else who has responded to the practice where you can be guaranteed of great eyecare and fantastic offers every day.
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