Saturday night puzzler

Saturday night puzzler for local historians!
You know the name of Belfast’s newest opticians (that’s right Tim Young Opticians) but can you tell me the name of the one that was located just below Carlow Street/Shankill Leisure Centre. It was there for many years at the early part of last century before closing.
£15 Gift Voucher for first correct answer!👓😎😍

WINNER IS………………………….

Great news folks…Competition has now come to a conclusion. Local history sleuth award goes to Mr Walter Millar! He correctly named the Opticians as W.C. Taylor F.S.A.O. This practice was previously owned by J. Frazer Browne F.S.A.O. Walter is the winner of the £15 voucher. Keep your eyes open for other fun competitions and great prizes at Tim Young Opticians. #Supportlocal #Shoplocal #Buylocal.
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